Red Fox in Winter

This Illustration is an exploration of the artistic style of Charlie Harper. His style of simplistic cohesive geometric shapes to create a unified piece of art. This demonstrates my ability to restrict myself to a certain style of art and make it consistent.

Sea turtle

This illustration is an exploration working with making paint brushes in illustrator. This demonstrates my ability to create custom illustration instruments and uses them in a productive manner as well as layering them and creating textures within a digital painting.

Tokyo Travel Poster

This poster is a simplistic illustration of Tokyo, it demonstrates my ability to create key elements that represent a given subjects as well as using a cohesive colour pallet

A day in a life

A depiction of the life cycle of a fox in the forest from birth to death. The style of isometric design was applied to the illustration was a challenging constraint on my design work. But the end result shows my ability to surpass my limits.